Zoning Board of Appeals

A second body involved in zoning decisions in our township is the Zoning Board of Appeals, or ZBA. This body serves as the first step in the appeals process, as it considers requests for relief from zoning rules that may be too stringent under certain circumstances. The central idea of the appeals board is to keep enforcement of the ordinance from becoming arbitrary. Its job is to fit the ordinance to particular real life situations in the Township. Our Township ZBA is a five-member board appointed by the township supervisor each for a three-year term.

Ellen SargentChairpersonEmailTerm Ends: 12/21
William TruscottTerm Ends: 12/22
Jim JohnsonPlanning Comm Rep / SecretaryEmailTerm Ends: 12/22
James BeckerAlternateEmailTerm Ends: 12/22
Gregory PlaceEmailTerm Ends: 12/21
John MarkesBoard Rep / Vice-ChairpersonEmailTerm Ends: 11/24