Township Water and Sewer Rates Public Notice

01 Feb Township Water and Sewer Rates Public Notice


Marquette Charter Township Constituents

As recently reported in the media, following several discussions at publicly posted budget and Board meetings, the Township Board increased the utility rates for 2017. In order to help explain the recent discussions about water and sewer rate changes for 2017, the following timeline was created for your information.

Township has a 25 year master plan for operation, maintenance and improvement of the water system;

  • Funding for improvements to the system are bonded and funds for repayment of bonds are amassed over time from the water fees and rates paid;
  • Township Boards have strived to keep water rates as low as practical;
  • Residents supported the Local Roads Rehabilitation Plan by passage of a 15 year millage levy;
  • To preserve new road surfaces, subsurface water infrastructure improvement and extension projects were accelerated;
  • State water loan funds were not available within the time frame of the Roads Rehabilitation Plan, and water improvements and extension were funded from the Repair and Improvement cash fund;
  • The current water fee and rate structure is not sufficient to fund the accelerated planned water improvements and expansion; and,
  • Financial consultants have recommended the Board approved revised structure to meet those debts.

The increases to rates and debt retirement are to ensure that the current long-term financial obligations are met, and that our water and sewer utility systems are maintained and reliable.

Lyn Durant

Township Supervisor